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Once your employees bill your Work Comp Claims, HRA will take the accounts and follow-up with the insurance carrier and/or the Employer until resolution of the claim.

Our staff will assist the patient with any injury denials or, depending on the State, file for the appeal on their behalf. Additionally, should we not be able to finalize the claim with the carrier, we will utilize all state level appeal remedies,

Once payment is made, our Work Comp Specialist will review the payment to ensure the maximum allowance is paid. If we find any underpayment, the account is automatically appealed.

Our Specialist will look for any services that may be carved out of any contracts you may have.
All projects are billed on a contingency basis.

Contracts can often times be difficult to interpret. Many times, the reimbursement page of a contract doesn't detail all the payment guidelines. They could be hidden in other areas of the contract. Not only does HRA review the payments attached to each contract, but we also will provide areas that could potentially be renegotiated. This project is billed on a contingency basis.