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With specific regulations, billing & appeal requirements, and changes in the Workers’ Comp system, underpayments can often go unnoticed.   HRA has a specialized division to review these accounts.  A team that includes licensed work comp adjustors will review the accounts followed by senior management.  A complete analysis of those findings will be forwarded to the facility to help avoid future underpayments. This is a great way to recoup any funds due to you that may have been written off because the carrier paid incorrectly. This is essentially a free project for you because it is billed on a contingency rate, so if we don’t collect – you don’t have to pay us!  The audit of the accounts and an analysis of what we identified is provided free of charge to current clients.

Contracts can often times be difficult to interpret. Many times, the reimbursment page of a contract doesn't detail all of the payment guidelines. They could be hidden in other areas of the contract.  Not only does HRA review the payments attached to each contract, but we also will give you an analysis of the contract and areas that could potentially be re-negotiated.  This project is billed on a contingency basis.

This service is provided on both commerical insurance as well as workers compensation accounts.  For commercial insurance claims, all claims will be placed on the collection floor until there has a been a final resolution.  For workers compensation accounts, the HRA staff will assist the patient with any injury denials or, depending on the State, file for the appeal on their behalf.  Additionally, should we not be able to finalize the claim with the carrier, we will utilize all state-level appeal remedies available.  These projects are also billed on a contingency basis.

Our experienced management staff will perform an onsite review of your business office and/or admissions department.  Written findings and recommendations are provided to increase efficiencies.  It is imperative in these trying times your staff be working as effectively and efficiently as possible.