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Mike Stewart, President

Often referred to as "Big Mike", Mr. Stewart has been in the healthcare industry for a number of years prior to starting HRA in 2002. He made his start as a bad debt self-pay collector and has been in sales and marketing with several other companies specializing in workers compensation payment audits.  He enjoys spending his weekends at his lakehouse, Harley Davidsons, restoring old cars and can often attends HFMA and AAHAM meeting across the nation. You can email Mike at mstewart@hcralliance.com. His awards include being nominated as the "Information Technology Guru" by the HRA staff.


Wanda Maniscalco, CEO

Ms. Maniscalco has performed duties in every area of the business office from Business Office Director to private consultant prior to founding HRA in 2002.  Her expertise and back-to-basics attitude helps providers around the country identify and address challenges in their business office practices.  Her hobbies include spending time with her grandchildren, going on cruises and shopping.  You can reach Wanda at wjmaniscalco@hcralliance.com. Wanda is currently featured in the National Who's Who in Healthcare.

Angie Box, Director of Operations

Having worked as a success insurance collector in a hospital for a number of years and been in the healthcare financial arena for over 18 years, Angie has developed extensive training modules for the HRA staff on all work comp regulations and reimbursement schedules for most of the nation.  Commonly referred to as the "Work Comp Guru", she has a passion for ensuring facilities don't lose even a penny on every claim. Many states have solicited her expertise when attempting to update their work comp fee schedules.  She is currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Texas AAHAM Bluebonnet Chapter serving as Treasurer. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, playing poker, and watching true crime shows. She was given the AAHAM President's Award in 2003. You can reach Angie at angiebox@hcralliance.com.

Debra Massegee, Assistant Director of Operations

Debra comes to the healthcare industry via the banking industry after 18 years.  She has currently been working with hospital workers compensation claims for 11 years in a number of states and is a National Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist.  She has an eye for detail and a gift for being able to train even a novice collector on all aspects of collections.  She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and her German Shepherd, Cabo.  She is known on the office for being the early bird. You can reach Debra at debra_massegee@hcralliance.com

Shelia Hoskins, Regional Client Service Representative

Ms. Hoskins can be found traveling to hospitals working directly with their staff as a liaison between the facility and HRA.  She assists in the sales process by ensuring HRA obtains any needed documentation needed for successful collections.  She enjoys watching her children's sporting events, shopping and is the current "Social Coordinator" for the Corporate Office. Watch out because she loves to throw birthday parties.  Shelia can be reached at shelia_hoskins@hcralliance.com

Niki Mouisset, Regional Client Service Representative

Having worked as an insurance specialist, Niki understands exactly what our collection staff needs to complete a project. She is a hard worker and travels to muliple hospitals working directly with the collection staff both offering suggestions and acquiring information needed in our Corporate Office.  She enjoys country music, spending time with family and friends and lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. Niki currently holds to office record for the highest score in the game Bejeweled Blitz. Niki can be reached at niki_mouisset@hcralliance.com